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Singing lessons in Amsterdam 
Discover your voice

Would you like to learn to sing beautifully in Amsterdam? Then you are welcome in my music studio in the beautiful Plantage district of Amsterdam.


In singing lessons, we will search for your unique vocal sound and look for repertoire that suits your voice and personality, whether it is classical, pop, musical or other genres. We usually start the lesson with warm-ups and technical vocal exercises. After that, we work on repertoire that you have usually chosen yourself, as long as it suits your voice.


Important components covered in my lessons are:

• Healthy vocal technique to keep your voice in good condition. The breath is a very important aspect of this.

• Development of musical hearing and sound imagination.

• For classical singing: legato singing according to the bel canto principles and the "inhalare la voce".

• Body awareness, presentation, timing, text handling and transmission. 

You don't need to prepare anything for the trial lesson, but it is helpful if you can sing something for me.

portret of Lotus Klinkspoor
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